Landlord Education

New Orleans is a City of double/duplex properties. Many families who own, live on one side and rent the other side earning sufficient revenue to pay the mortgage and other expenses. Professionals in their field teach the Landlord Training classes. Land lording is a business. The Neighborhood Development Foundation’s Landlord Training class is designed to teach new homeowners how to manage a small business and increase their chances of success as a new homeowner.  This class is sponsored in part by the Fannie Mae Foundation ~Please check the NDF calendar for dates.

Facilitating the Mortgage Process:

NDF may draft a purchase agreement and/or review and assist with the preparation of a counter offer on a selected property. When requested, staff is available to negotiate on behalf of a client any part of the real estate transaction. When client referral information is required, a minimum of three lenders, three insurance agencies, and three real estate agents information is provided.


Co-Mortgages are a more cost effective way for individuals to pool their resources and purchase a home together. The combinations are endless: parent/child, and parent/grandchild, sisters, brothers, friends…..

NDF Landlording Curriculum

Session I

*Fair Housing
*Tenant & Landlord Rights *Evictions

Session II

*Code Enforcement
*Environmental Control
*Maintaining Property Control

Session III

*Taking care of Business
*Credit & Tenant Selection
*Maximizing Tax Advantages

Session IV

*Property Assessment
*Insuring Your Investment
*Specialty Programs

Download Landlord Education Training Application:


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