How to Participate

Thank you for contacting the Neighborhood Development Foundation (NDF) for Financial Fitness homebuyer counseling and education.

NDF remains committed to providing quality Financial Housing Counseling, Education, and Financial Literacy.  The health and safety of our clients, staff, and resource volunteers are of utmost importance. Please know that we reserve the right to modify our service procedures based on any and all CDC warnings and updates as we did during the Covid-19 Pandemic,

Post Pandemic, accordingly, we have modified how we deliver counseling and education services.

Our offices are open to the public by appointment ONLY. If you need financial housing counseling, education, and Financial Literacy services, you can Follow the information below on from our website at

Step 1: Make COPIES of the following information:

  • A Copy of this form: Download Form: PLEASE OPEN, COMPLETE, AND PRINT THIS FORM:  CLICK HERE

    **on letter size paper, make sure the signature line is on the authorization form when you submit your documents**

  • Copies of your last 2 recent check stubs and/or proof of other income sources (SSI, pension, retirement, disability, etc.).
  •  A copy of your last 2 bank statements from all financial accounts including checking, savings account, debit, and/or retirement accounts.
  • A copy of your last two (2) years income tax returns: To order by phone, call 800-908-9946 and follow the prompts. You can also request your transcript using your smartphone with the IRS2Go<> mobile phone app
  • A copy of your last two (2) years of all W-2 form from all employer:
  • A copy of State or Government issued identification.
    Proof of parent child relationship (FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18) (acceptable documents include): birth certificates, adoption papers.
  • (IF YOU WOULD LIKE US TO HELP YOU CREATE A HOUSEHOLD BUDGET) Bring Copies of all revolving, installment and open accounts etc. personal bills, including charge accounts, credit cards, installment loans (car pymt, student loans, auto/life insurance and household expenses etc. light, gas, water, cable, telephone, food/household products.)
  • If you have signed a real estate contract, please provide an executed copied
  • If you are loan approved, please provide a copy of your lender preapproval letter
  • If you are a section 8 recipient, provide a copy of your referral letter the section 8 to homeownership department
  • If you are from Jefferson Parish, and/or a section 8 participant; you must complete both the Financial Fitness and Homebuyer Education Courses

Step 2: Payment (Money Order Only) made out to Neighborhood Development Foundation. Please select the course you need to complete at this time and purchase a money order for that amount only: NDF has a NO REFUND policy after payment is received.

  • Financial Fitness Counseling & Education $100.00 Per Person
  • Homebuyer Counseling & Education $130.00
  • Landlord Counseling & Education $85.00
  • Online Financial Fitness (Money Management) $100
  • Online Homebuyer Education $125.00
  • 90-Day Follow-Up Counseling w/new Credit Report $65.00
  • Post Purchase Follow-up Counseling with Credit Report $75.00

Step 3: Deliver the documents

Put the documents and the payment in a sealed envelope and deliver them to the following address:

1429 South Rampart Street @ Martin Luther King Blvd
(drop box on the South Rampart Street side of the building).

NOTE on the front of the envelope put the following information:
ATTENTION: NEW Client or Follow Up Client

  • Your full name
  • Your best contact number (we will call this number to schedule your consultation appointment)
  • Your email address: (we will email your tri-merge credit report and action plan for next steps)

Step 4: Next Steps

Counseling team will process your information and contact you to schedule your consultation appointment.
If you have questions, contact the office at 504-488-0155


Current clients who need a follow-up appointment should contact NDF at 504-488-0155 and/or send an email to the housing advisor
( or ).


If you are in contract and have an impending closing date, if approved by your lender and can register and complete the “Homebuyer Education” on line at

  • Please be sure it is approved by the  program you are participating with if you need down payment and/or closing cost assistance and the lender you have chosen.
  • You will need to submit copies of your purchase agreement and your lender pending approval prior to the VOT being issued to the lender for closing.

Call the office at:  504-488-0155  to set your appointment and/or to request a participation call back.

Neighborhood Development Foundation