Homeownership Classes!

NDF7000 December 13, 2011 Comments Off on Homeownership Classes!
Homeownership Classes!

Homebuyer Education:
NDF provides 12 hours of classroom home ownership education and training. The classroom environment allows participants to receive valuable information, ask questions, and learn from the responses to the questions of others. Educational techniques utilized in the training classes are designed to reduce the client’s fears and demystify the mortgage process. Industry professionals involved in each aspect of the mortgage process voluntarily participate in NDF’s homebuyer training.

NDF’s custom designed training manual and a real estate dictionary are provided as educational guides to each client.

The manual includes forms designed to familiarize participants with industry documents. Graduates are provided with packets containing information on available properties for sale, and pamphlets advising whom to contact in City government to address specific issues.

A two-hour training class is devoted to Property Inspection Assessment and Appraisals. Clients are expected to complete the inspection form in their training manual once they select a property. This exercise helps the client focus on more than the outward appearance of the prospective property.

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