About NDF

Neighborhood Development Foundation (NDF)is one of New Orleans’ greatest success stories and the key to a rewarding and productive life for many low and moderate-income families.

Building assets over a lifetime that will enable you to leave an inheritance to your children is a dream for many working families and a dream that the Neighborhood Development Foundation (NDF) has helped to make a reality for thousands of families throughout the greater New Orleans area since 1986.

NDF was founded on the beliefs that decent affordable housing is essential to the physical and emotional health, productivity and self-esteem of individuals and that homeownership has a significant effect on children’s success.  Studies show that the positive behavioral characteristics required of homeowners are passed on to their children. These positive outcomes include: better health; fewer behavioral problems; greater achievement in math and reading; lower high school dropout rates; fewer teen births; more years of schooling by age 25; and an increase in high school graduation rates.  And in the community, homeownership builds and stabilizes neighborhoods.

For over 25 years, NDF has provided knowledge, education, and advocacy that make owning and maintaining a home affordable.  This education is something we can all benefit from.  It’s fiscal responsibility 101 and it results in lifetime renters becoming homeowners, landlords, developers, and investors in our community.

The Mission of the Neighborhood Development Foundation is to educate and assist low and moderate-income families to build asset through homeownership

Interview and pre-qualify you before you apply to a lending institution for a mortgage.
Calculate your expenses and income to determine how much you can afford to pay for a house.
Provide home buyer education in a three week, 12 hour training course that teaches what you need to know about buying a home.
Counsel you along each step towards becoming a homeowner.
Assist in the inspection process and estimating necessary repairs.
with you and lending institutions to determine the best financing available.
Provide direct financial assistance to eligible families when available.
Partner with Associated Neighborhood Development (AND) to construct decent “affordable” housing.
Facilitate the mortgage process and provide support during the act of sale.
Provide education on the management of real estate as a business.

NDF was established in September 1986 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with seed money provided through the John M. and Holley Pavy DeBlois Foundation. This organization is founded on the belief that decent affordable housing is essential to the physical and emotional health, productivity, and self-esteem of an individual.

NDF provides counseling, education, home buyer training, advocacy, and pre and post home ownership acquisition services to low and moderate-income individuals and families. The organization’s goal is to assist a minimum of 100 individuals per year in achieving home ownership.

NDF works through public and private partnerships that include community groups, businesses, industry, faith based organizations, corporations, other non-profits, and City, State, and Federal governments.

NDF relies on the generosity of the philanthropic, government, and business communities to finance its program operations. Other operational fees are generated from service fees, service contracts, consulting fees, fundraising events, and individual donations.